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To make choosing your hospital bed easy and stress free take a look at the descriptions below to determine which hospital bed frame is right for you!

MANUAL HOSPITAL BEDS - With manual bed frames all functions, such as adjusting the height of the bed, or raising and lowering of the head are done manually by a hand-crank. These beds are usually suitable to have when you have someone present who can make the manual adjustments, and if lower cost is necessary.

SEMI-ELECTRIC HOSPITAL BEDS - The semi-electric bed frames allow more independence due to certain functionalities such as the raising and lowering of your head and feet being controlled electrically, while the control of the bed height is still adjusted manually to keep this item cost conscious.

FULL-ELECTRIC BEDS - This bed gives the user full control and independence, with the do it yourself functionalities. This bed allows you to control all adjustments head and feet raising and lowering as well as bed height with electric controls. This bed also has the ability to manually be controlled if ever in the event of a power outage.

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